Pam wanted a dress with WOW factor which was suitable for a winter wedding for an older bride.  She chose a coat for the church ceremony which was to go over full floaty trousers, a top and a replica coat in corded lace.  The coat is full length and made from silver grey fabric with large flower designs.  The pattern has been cut to match the designs front, back and sides.  There is a slit at the back and the front is designed to fall open to display the garments underneath.  Jade silk satin was used for the large feature collar and the insides of the cuffs.  Weights and horsehair braid were built into the hem of the coat to ensure that it moved well as Pam walked into the church.  The trousers are satin overlaid with matching chiffon and was made using a pattern from a pair of trousers which Pam supplied.  I made a suitable pattern for the top, which was made in satin, which had lace insertions around the neck.  The lace coat was exactly the same as the grey coat but unlined and slightly shorter.  The idea was that when Pam got to the reception, she could take off her coat and there would be a second surprise for her guests.  The outfit was amazing and totally different from anything anyone was expecting.  I trimmed a little (cheap) fascinator for her with off cuts of materials and ribbon, in order to make it look part of the outfit.   The groom wore a matching cravat.  The overall effect was stunning.


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